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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action or CUPA is a 27-year-old organisation that has undertaken a number of diverse avatars in order to save dogs, cats as well as farm animals. Peek behind the curtains to see their diligent and tireless work over the decades.

CUPA is a non-government organisation, established in the year 1991 by Crystal Rogers. She bid goodbye to her life in England to run the first ever animal shelter in the region of Bangalore to provide a safe space for healing and happiness to the suffering animals that came seeking their help. CUPA mainly takes care of animals that are hurt, sick or abandoned and gives them care and treatment until they recover, after which they are re-homed or rehabilitated.

The Karnataka based organisation has a network of six centres, each dedicated to a critical aspect of animal well-being, viz. Animal Birth Control, Trauma & Rescue, Adoption & Foster, Geriatric Centre, and Large Animal Rehabilitation, accommodating around 300 animals in total. Additionally, they have a fully-equipped pet care clinic treating approximately 3000 animals a month. Apart from this, CUPA also engages in ventures such as pet cruelty inspections and advocacy for animal rights.

Over a period of time, this organisation has excelled in a vast number of areas. In its first year, CUPA worked in collaboration with the government to establish birth control laws and got results that decades of persuasion failed to get. They treated about 600 dogs a month- an average of 20 a day. When approached by a farmer in 2001 during a drought in Karnataka, CUPA offered its services and provided care for the animals with fodder and water, thus saving them from premature slaughter. After four years, the CUPA clinic had been established which provides sundry facilities at nominal prices since their target audience consists of people who belong to the lower middle class. The year 2007 was an important one for the organisation. The Bangalore corporation reacted with what can be called as a mass murder of dogs by forced captivity and injection of poison when two young children got mauled by stray dogs. This lead to the establishment of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme.

CUPA recently inaugurated their relocated adoption centre in early 2018, with 80 dogs that were abandoned as a result of unethical breeding practices.

In 2016 and 2017, CUPA performed 5,045 animal birth control surgeries, vaccinated 9,090 dogs against rabies and treated 49,042 pets at large. Their adoption centre helped 98 dogs find homes where they would be taken care of. Besides that, 12 dogs were admitted under life-long care facilities. They also combatted a total of 271 cases of pet cruelty. Along with receiving regular donations, CUPA hosts fundraising events once or twice a year, like dance competitions, golf tournaments and other festivals, in order to provide liquidity for running the organisation.

As an organisation, CUPA’s mission is to rescue, and their dream is that one day they don’t have to.

Get in touch with CUPA on:

Rescue Number: 080 22947300 /

080 22947317


  1. To prevent cruelty to animals and protect them from injury
  2. Promote animal welfare
  3. Foster human-animal relationship.
  4. Inculcate humanistic values among humans
  5. Help the sick, the injured, the needy, the exploited, the handicapped and the starved.
  6. Bring about respect and balance in the human-animal relationship and mutual dependence.

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