The Cute Stalker

I was at Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar’s clinic with Inshy and Tasha a week ago, for their annual shots. It’s very comforting to talk to a vet who has seen your ‘children’ grow. I am sure it’s a similar feeling when young mums make visits to their paediatricians. Since Sangeeta has seen both Inshy and Tasha as tiny pups she knows them pretty well. Ages ago, observing her antics, she had named Tasha a nautanki and so, ever since, when Tasha acts mad, everyone goes, “Hey Tashoo, stop your nautanki!’ So mean! Poor kid, she can’t help being a ‘b-blondie’ and she is so good-natured, she puts up with all the jibes.

Now at the clinic, I was discussing Tasha with Sangeeta, wondering if we should do a blood test ‘coz recently she had started getting shivers for no reason. Answering a battery of questions, I wondered aloud if it could be due to lack of sleep. “You know,” I said to Sangeeta, “I wonder if Tashoo gets enough sleep. Whenever I turn to look at Tasha, at whatever time – even in the middle of the night, I find she is looking at me, isn’t that strange!” “Oh,” replied Sangeeta, “she’s a stalker!” Stalker? That was new to me.  However, Tasha now has a new name, given by Sangeeta. Tasha is a Nautanki Stalker!

Poor baby. Look at the image below. Is it a stalker or is it more a teddy bear! But you know what. I am happy to be stalked by an adorable angel like her. Picture this. It’s 2 am and I, who was fast asleep, suddenly sit up in bed – I am having a bad dream! And in the dark I see this bundle sitting up at my feet. Turning on the light, I look into a pair of concerned, questioning eyes, like, ‘are you okay?’ Tashoo seems to be asking me… I just hug her!

Or at 5 am. You get up because it’s pouring like mad and the wind is howling right through the apartment. Oh no!! So you drag yourself out of bed and you go shutting a window here, a window there, grabbing the curtains which seem intent on  flying away into the Arabian Sea! And you have, following you from here to there,  and going everywhere, pitter patter, pitter patter, tiny paws on the marble floor, little sleepy Tashoo trying to keep pace. Stalker? Is that what you would call her? Oh no, she is just my adorable companion.

When I go stand in my balcony to dream, as I often do, looking out at the sea, within moments, I turn around, to find little Tasha with her button eyes, sitting there expectantly, waiting to be picked up in my arms. Which I promptly do and then together we sigh and we dream.

But it is true. There is this crazy bond she shares with me. She is just there. Everytime. Right behind me, right in front of me. At my feet, in my lap, next to me in bed. She sits under the table when I eat my meals. Even when I say my namaaz, she quietly comes and sits by the side and knows exactly when I finish, for she stands up, face upturned to receive my dua,which I give by blowing on her face, three times.

My stalker is really a sweetheart. She is my bodyguard, too. Stands in between if someone comes too close, won’t allow no one into the bedroom and will go tearing at Inshy, if Inshy so much as gives me a sharp bark or even a mini growl.

She follows me into the bathroom, gets into her corner and rolls over to snooze, while I bathe (while Inshy waits outside the door, each and every time). And when I leave for office, both come to the door with drooping tails and long faces. I am really longing to retire, stay home, stalk my mini stalkers.

Truly, it is such a special feeling. To know you are the most important person in someone’s life. Ego- boosting, spirit-uplifting. What can I say! Except what I read, something, somewhere, “If your dog thinks you are the best person in the whole world, don’t go getting another opinion!”

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